Blog Anniversary #1

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Blog Anniversary # 1

This month marks 1 year since I launched this blog. I went through a complicated first few months. Started at, moved to and then But I like the direction that I have taken over this time. I think for now I’m satisfied with the blog-identity I’ve created.

I’ve started to follow some awesome bloggers and learnt so much more about wordpress and even created some of my very own plugins. I created a whole new blog design with the help of the amazing Tweak Me Theme, Inkspace, color hex, and some free vectors.  I got into Pinterest, a bit. Haven’t got much followers but honestly the best things I pin are to myself only because they have nothing to do with the blog.

I have a small following of readers who read most of my posts. I really appreciate that the most. It’s good to know I’m not just writing to myself.

It has been a great journey for me this last 12 months. I’ve learnt a lot, pushed myself, spent some money and made a real investment in my hobby.

I had planned on having a blog resigned but I haven’t heard back from the person who was suppose to do it, and it’s fine. I had already made some changes to the blog’s design and colours and I really like the look it has, for now. You know, I’m gemini, I’m quite indecisive and I get bored easily so I’ll always be trying to fix or out-do something I already did.

I don’t really have that many changes in mind to further improve the blog. One change I plan to do is to switch my hosting to a more affordable plan. GoDaddy really gets you in with that initial price. It was only $12 USD to start, but like $80+ to renew. I’ll be changing to A Small Orange. They have some nice plans that allows you to pay monthly. Monthly plans start at $5 and you can add more than one website. Not sure if I want to do that but you never know. While it will only save me about $20 USD I can pay monthly so I don’t have to fork up $160 BZD at one time.

Since being on vacation, today’s been the first day that I’ve been on the computer. However, I have made come progress with reading. I’ve finished Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. I loved them and can’t wait to do my reviews. However that will have to wait till next week. I’m getting back to relaxing.

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