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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Beyond the Milky Way #BookReviewBeyond The Milky Way (The Galaxy Series #1) by Aithal, An Indian, Darshini
Series: The Galaxy Series #1
Published by Season Ball on January 4th 2016
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 382
Format: e-ARC
Source: Author
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Are we alone?
Three astronauts go to space in search of a planet that probably has water—one of the basic elements for humanity to survive. Do they find it? What else do they find? They encounter something—something strange—beyond their wildest imaginations, and their mission-to-explore becomes a mission-to-survive.
They experience something that makes them question their beliefs. All the things they had taken for granted, everything they had seen and learned, don’t seem to apply any longer.
Something happens along the way that makes them yearn to come back to Earth. After all, home is where the heart is.
This is not just another science fiction. Rather, it will make you question your own beliefs—may they be scientific, religious, political, or something else.
In the first installment of The Galaxy Series, find out about the strange world they discover.

My Review

I found it hard to review this one. I was thinking about what I would say for days. There were things that really bothered me about this book. So much that my husband told me to just stop reading it. However, I got stuck at the doctor for hours one day, and ended up reading half the book.

I haven’t reviewed a book in this style in a long time, but I felt it was necessary for this book.

Plot: 4 stars

Let me talk about the plot first. Overall, I really liked the story and out of sheer curiosity about the ending, I kept pushing forward. I wanted to know what the big secret or plot-twist would be. However, there are some holes in this one. Generally, I don’t like to criticise fiction books too much when it comes to “accuracy” and I say this loosely because I can’t stand when someone makes a comment like “this isn’t the uniform soldiers wore in that time” simply because I feel like it’s kind of petty. Knowing this doesn’t make or break the story. It might not even change anything at all. However, my problem with this story is that the author had two main things in here (that fuels the plot along) that just didn’t make any sense to me.

  1. View Spoiler » As if that weren’t enough, View Spoiler ».
  2. View Spoiler »
Writing: 2 stars

The story didn’t have too many spelling errors, and I really appreciate that, but it was lacklustre. There was a lot of narrative sections. It just kind of droned on and I wanted to just skip it and move on. A whole explanation of what happens while we wait for the rocket to launch. View Spoiler ». Also, character descriptions are almost non-existent. One character is described simply as “a big man”. We get a few background details for him but, appearance wise, it’s not there. We don’t find out one of the main character’s hair colour until 18% into the book. As for the others, let’s assume they are all bald. Something else I found overbearing was that all listings ended with “and many more”.

Honestly my biggest problem with the writing style is that it felt like someone was relating the story to me, and not like I was reading a novel. I don’t know if you understand what I mean.

Characters: 2 stars

There is literally one female character. Everyone else is male. Kim is annoying. She can’t think for herself. All she can do is grin “sheepishly”, scream and cower. All the characters are one dimensional and I don’t really feel any interest in their well-being. To top this off, all our characters are named “Joe”, “Tom”, “Don”, etc. Nothing exotic or original as one would expect from a story set View Spoiler ». The author explains this as them using it for the visitor’s benefit but even View Spoiler » we have unique names.

Final Thoughts

The plot was really good, that alone carried the story forward and that alone kept my interest. I think the book could benefit from an edit. I wished that the author would use other descriptive words instead of the same ones over and over. The ultimate message in the story is one worth listening to.

The Verdict

3 Stars

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