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Contact Forms _Jetpack

An easy way to get people to contact you is just to add your email to your site. But what if you need or would like them to provide certain information.

For example, on my review blog I created a contact form for authors or publishers or agents to submit their books to be considered for review. However, I wanted to know certain things like the number of pages in the book, the genre, the author, a date by when they needed it, their contact information and a synopsis of the story. This information helped me to decide if I was interested in the book and if I would be able to read it and complete the review by the time they needed it for.

I no longer accept review requests since I really don’t have the time to commit to it but I also use a form for my regular contact us.

So how do you get a contact form into your page?

Firstly, you’ll need to install a plugin to create forms. On my review blog I use Jetpack because that brings a contact form built into it. Read about plugins to see how to look for and install plugins.

Once you have installed your plugin, either add a new post or add a new form. You should now see a button [for Jetpack it’s next to the Add Media button] to add a contact form. Click it.

You’ll then get options to add your form fields.

Add_Contact_Form_JetpackAs you can see Jetpack provides the standard fields needed in a contact form. You can edit the existing fields or delete them. You can make their required, you can change the field time. Field type options include:

  1. Checkbox
  2. Checkbox with multiple items
  3. Drop down
  4. Email
  5. Name
  6. Radio
  7. Text – this is for short text
  8. Text Area – this is for long text like a comment
  9. Website

When you are satisfied with your form, click Email Notifications.

Add_Contact_Form_EmailHere you can add the email where you want the notifications to be sent, and what you want the subject line of all these notifications to be. Click “Save and go back to form builder”.

Then click “Add this form to my post” to insert your form.

One of the other reason I like to use a contact form instead of email is that I don’t have to give out my email. I have my personal email set to send mails using an alias if I choose. This way people won’t know my personal email just by answering contact emails.

The only thing I don’t like is I can’t seem to figure how they expect you to edit the form after you’ve created it. However, with proper planning I haven’t had to redo my forms.

Now if someone submits a contact via your form, you’ll get an email at the address you chose. You’ll also be able to access them from your Dashboard under Feedback.

Do you have a great contact form plugin that you use? Let us know.

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