An Accidental New Look

Posted October 18, 2016 by Kayla in Random Musings / 0 Comments

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Last week, my WordPress theme had an update. I noticed that the version number jumped from 1 point something to 2 and I wondered what all the changes where. I went into the theme options and noticed a new social menu. [You notice that mine is not a widget anymore but on the main menu].

While tinkering with that I wanted to undo my changes and I had a serious blonde moment. [No offense to blondes out there.] I accidentally hit “reset all” instead of “reset section” and bam, just like that all my settings were gone.

Why I didn’t freak out?

  1. This is a pre-made theme so obviously it works straight out the box.
  2. I kind of didn’t like my recent colours and had contemplated changing things anyway.

So I kept my cool. The first thing I did was choose a new layout I wanted. Later on, I decided on my colour scheme. I admit, it’s a bit different from what I had before, but I really like it.


I gave my blog a pop of colour by brightening up my widgets, and still managed to keep some purple in there.

Hope you all like my new colours. Thanks for stopping by.

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