Checking In: March 20th Edition

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Checking In-2016-03-20

These days have been hectic and challenging, but fun. Although I love reading, I love spending time with my daughter as well. She’s the cutest thing ever and I’ve spoiled her. But guess what? I don’t mind. She’ll only be this age once.

I’ve actually managed to get some reading in, although nothing close to what I’m used to. I had originally set my 2016 reading challenge to 24 books but let’s be real, my family is more interesting these days. I’ve adjusted it to 12; so far, I’m on track.

In TV land: I’ve gotten into Pretty Little Liars and I’m currently on Season 2. We’re watching The Walking Dead and Grimm on TV right now. I’m loving both. We watched Season 1 of The Flash – awesome show – and are waiting for Season 2 of that and Season 4 of Arrow to be finished so we can binge on. We also watched Season 1 of Daredevil and will be watching Season 2 on Netflix.

Did I mention how in love I am with Netflix and the fact that they have tons of shows available to Belizeans, no jumping through hoops? Thank goodness someone has acknowledged that people outside the US are interested in these shows. I watched so much Charmed in the last few weeks that I’m sick of it, lol. And, I’m watching Shadowshunters on Netflix but I just can’t get over the fact that Clary’s role is played by someone whose acting skills are terrible. Did no one better audition? I find her acting to be forced, insincere and obviously fake. The other actors are pretty decent.

And finally, I want to bitch about GRRM. OMG! I knew you weren’t going to finish the damn book but you know what, you’ve thought me a valuable lesson. DO. NOT. BUY. incomplete series with huge year gaps between books. I think I’ll be watching the HBO show, and guess what? I doubt I’ll be buying the last 2 books in your series. Hmph!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time.


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